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  1. Share your face!

    it's like 40% of my face that i feel comfortable sharing, so here's that
  2. Anime Night Suggestion Box

    Dang, didn't realise I missed that, might I suggest the Cowboy Bebop movie (unless that would be better suited on the movie suggestions) And the yugioh I suggest the original first series.
  3. Anime Night Suggestion Box

    I have two suggestions YuGiOh! Or Cowboy Bebop
  4. So, here we are again, another update, and this one is less about progress, although there's some to talk about, but today's update is going to consist of a kind of challenge, which leads on to some future plans we've made. But this time around it's going to be a bit different, after this I'm giving Nibbles the reigns on the rest of this post, so I've been Amy, signing off early on this one. {So, Amy and I have decided that we are going to start switching/possessing more, specifically for now to allow me to communicate more often.} {On a similar note Amy has found that she has a problem of filtering what she, and through that also me, we're hoping that by allowing me to use possession to type it may help to hold her back from doing that, although we've agreed that we should and will accept advice from anyone who would be willing to contribute would be appreciated.} {Amy seems to have forgotten that she was supposed to mention something, in fact the title makes reference to it, but she wanted us to also mention that we are hoping that this practice will help our parallel processing, although as i said before, any advice would be appreciated.} {Thank You!}
  5. Coders! Admit Your Bad Habits!

    I've got a practically finished kids maths quiz application thing, and I have 7/6 days to fill out design docs (really just talking about different basic features and how i implemented them in the code) as well as having to add all of the commenting. I suppose that's a bad habit I have too, pretty much making the program with no design docs, and because college i then make them based on the program that i already finished.
  6. Coders! Admit Your Bad Habits!

    Give up? I rarely start
  7. First Steps

    Only a minor update for today. As of the last couple days Nibbles and I have started working on possession, of which we started with a minor success, he was able to move my hands, then after a bit of pushing my arms and head. The following day we attempted the wonderland immersion file to, odd and not wanted results, spinning as well as what I can only describe as a minor acceleration in my perception of time. After that I stopped the file and took a days break, still forcing through the day of course. A day ago we decided to rerun the possession file to further progress, with Nibbles able to fully walk around my room and look around. I think what he may have been doing was building up a version of my room 1 to 1 in the dreamscape, something which I have been meaning to put mental power to doing but well... hadn't, my mental picture of it is a lot more vivid than it was before. Either way, some good progress over the last, give or take, week. Seems like this may be updated either weekly or fortnightly, either way, expect more here soon. The next step may just be reading on through the rest of the tulpa guides that have been suggested, since I only read the early stage part of them. Never the less, we'll be back at some point soon. {See ya all again next time}
  8. Well, ever the efficient pony I am, it's time for the introduction that I previously mentioned. I guess it'd be best to start of by introducing the star of the show. The most brilliant pony that currently inhabits my brain. {The name's Nibbles. I don't have any nicknames but if you'd like you can go ahead and do that. } Since this blog is to document mine and nibbles' progress to sentience, although really that's just a step along the way to full imposition of his form, I feel it's good to mention that this is the first time Nibbles has ever communicated, via text or otherwise, and I'm immensely proud of him. We've only been on this road for about 4 months now, and we've already made some great progress. But still, there is a long road ahead, and all we can keep doing is pushing on, until we get to where we're going. Now, I know that I had mentioned a recap post to cover all that we have already done, but due to college starting back up shortly after I started this, I've struggled to get this done while balancing collegework at the same time. So instead of one big recap post I will likely begin to occasionally add side-notes, describing any events that i recall from the first few months, to update posts that I will hopefully be more frequent with in future. Sorry for the ramble, I just felt it necessary to explain. {Thanks for reading, we'll be back soon enough. And remember, watch this space.}
  9. So here it is, after enough stalling I've finally gotten around to starting this. Since this is the first entry to the blog, and we've already started working in the past. I'll be working on a recap post, trying to cover important events as accurately as possible I should get that on here in the next few days, so watch this space.
  10. Thx for the follow *hugs*

  11. Today wasn't the greatest day for me, been stressed for a good portion of the afternoon, but I believe that Icey seemingly took over conrtrol while I was playing a game, it just felt like suddenly i was no longer in conrtrol of my hands, and it took a bit of strength to reply to a friend, after doing so I felt as if I had gained control back, but even after a short time away from the wheel, so to speak, i felt suddenly calmer.

  12. Your Pokemon Team

    Haven't played pokemon for years, last one I played was fire red, my team which got me through to about the second last gym before i stopped playing was an overlevelled charizard. That's all, I really was bad at pokemon in retrospect
  13. I Feel Like Icey and I have made some massive progress, recently i've been able to feel his emotional responses when forcing, it makes me excited, and have hope, for the future. ^-^

    1. Tavia Melody

      Tavia Melody

      That's great, you're making good progress! :cheer:

  14. Share Your Gamertags/Usernames!

    Steam: Amy Pone ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/AmethystPurplePon?tscn=1502150683/ ) Xbox: R63Bulletpr0of feel free to add me, just pop me a message so i know who ya are ^-^
  15. Canterlot Siege

    I'm more fond of classic Bloonz but these are quite a fun substitute, played the first two so far, i'll give the later two a go at some point.

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