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  1. Part 1

    Thinking about doing a hypnosis file today, really want to do the spa one. I've already done the "Interactive Generic Pony Personality Augmentation" one, and the "A Spark of Magic" one too, so i might do the Generic Unicorn one, and the Spa one. I've also got a filly Sunset hypnosis from Nightmare Moon on discord, which was really fun. It feels as if the hypnosis just induce a very strong kinshift, and that filly / age regressed kinshift involved a lot of feelings of wanting to study, and wanting to talk to Celestia. The same things i remember when i was a filly in that timeline. I didn't forget who i was and what i turned into, but my mind seemed to default to the filly Sunset mindset. Might talk to Nightmare Moon or anypony else on the discord after i finish writing this entry, and do the hypnosis' in a bit. I am a little afraid, though, that doing hypnosis could trigger past life traumatic memories, which would be helpful to know what happened then, but it also sounds terrifying, since that would mean i could cause myself to relive trauma i don't want. Who knows. But i think if i just keep my mindset to after the rainbow rocks part of sunset's life, i'll likely not get many bad memories. Lets see what happens!
  2. Heyo, it's Sunset Shimmer, and I just joined this website to check out the files! I dunno if I will be active, but please friend me on Discord if you want to talk!

    I am perfectly OK with Sunset Shimmer fictionkin doubles, but if you're kin with her and aren't, block me. I won't mind. ^^



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