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  1. New, not quite new.

    Rejoined the site after I found it had moved! For the longest time the security was being weird for me. Ah well. I had found the original location by accident, if memory recalls, maybe around 2 years ago. It was more a curiosity and wondering if the hypnosis thing had been done initially, but turned into something rather intriguing. Some of the audio pieces are still on my mp4 - updated by now, I'm sure. It helped a lot during some stressful moments. Moonlight Sonata is an OC I developed about 5 years ago. (I think the name ended up getting used elsewhere since then. It was original to me then, at least. Derp.) Anyhoo, always good to make friends or meet others, share humor, or a story - whatever makes life positive. Thanks for keeping this going. I'd lost track while a job was being a bit of a butt, but it's nice to see that everything survived!
  2. New, not quite new.

    I apologize as I've gotten back to this very very late in seeing replies. Was in the Discord for a little while and will return to it when time is good again. Eternal, the name isn't 100% familiar to me, but I know I conferred with quite a few before the move.

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