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  1. Hi!

    You two, have a great day~ And, hypnosis can truly make you feel like a pone. Forever.
  2. WAH.

    IT HAS BEEN A WHILE, but, it seems like a good idea to post more stuff here. As a track. to take note yah~


    I love that face. That's going into my signature.

  3. Share your thoughts~

    Bah.... starting one is weird. ^~^ What are your thoughts on the General Community in our Discord Server? Me, I personally enjoy it. The People there are amazing. [Ponies~] Shhh. Host, tulpas, everyone so far is the best. I have come to enjoy my time here on ES, and I hope to continue on. Even though I no longer catch up on the tv show, I still stay here, cause I cant bear to leave it. -Giggles bear~- Shh. ^^ so yah. I have come to know so many pones, quite some that I can consider family. My little sisters, Rose, Izumi/Tavia/Starlight. My elder Siblings, Rainbow "Raine" dash, Moonlight Symphony, Adaammaa. And many more. Yet, not all are ups. There was some bads. The changeover of servers, Kavi's Death, May she rest in peace. Some Trolls entering the server, some bad pones. Yet, With all this, we all moved on, though holding thoughts of the past. We grow, and keep getting better as a community. Who would have thought, when I first joined, it was through some jokes that my friends make about hypnotising to become the mane charecters, then I found a community that welcomes me. Now, me and some others, Like twizilli, Tavia/Starlight/Izumi, Starlight/Krazy, Ethan, and quite some are planning to move in together, there is a staff house. and things are coming along. ^~^ {Joshy has come along well. From the guy that has personas, to a nice and caring person. Finding love one here, and making more friends. My self, has come along. From Rarity, To Rara, and now Rarity Song. ^^ Hello Sweetie~} [waves HIHI, I am nightingale moon spell~ You all can call me nightie~ I am Joshy First daughter, a ninja, and Pone/human~ Giggles] | I myself, was Elle, his persona, now, a tulpa. I Elle, then Neptunia, then now Angela Ziegler, better know as mercy~| <Lugia Bow> - Fluttershy. I came about due to him using the files... which is weird. eeeps - So yah, this are my girls, and you are welcome to share what you think of the Community. SEEYA~ ^~^
  4. Share your birthday!

    24.04.1998~ ^~^ {Cant say I know~} [Nope~]
  5. What's your favorite song?

    Soo Mine are such. ^~^
  6. Your username and it's meaning

    Ohhh are we sharing user name? Coool Mine started with the OG of minecrafts. The Yogcast Debatable yah, but they were some of the first back when minecraft started out So anywho, i remember watching their series, and saw a particular name that stood out to me. The Templar dude. Thus, for a while, I think a year or two, or four. I cant remember though i still have the accounts I gone by the name Templar_allen. On garena. on LOL, on whatever games i was on. Till about 2010s? Then i changed my name to Paladin_allen. This was because i wanted to be like one. I thought, champions of god and light and all things holy, Perfect~ ^~^ Till i realise, i am not as Holy, or as Good as a true paladin. Since well, One thing is having to be faithful to god. I might have change idea due to the paladin prophecy, but yah So, thus, my current Ign. or whatever. Palaxin. A Paladin that no longers follow God, but still uses holy and light magic, but, not afraid and has been touched by darkness. Though~ To be fair, i mainly use my name Joshua on discord, though, a lot knows me as joshy. Or that one weird guy, which happens to be form and gender fluid, or has a succubus form and succubus girlfriend Though, my psn will forever be stuck as Templarawealeall FACEPALM I "wanted" something unquie, and i thought, awe as in awesome, ale as in well, ale. and all as in allen i was 12. sue me But yah, i Go by Palaxin now, to those that are new to me, or if i play online, and joshy or Joshua on discord. ^~^
  7. Favorite Dreams

    I have a few, but of of the nicer one was like the civil war movie, where i was a hero, and could fly, and also phase through walls.
  8. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    Errr, Eqg movies? Oh and something like kimi no nawa or...... that's all for now.
  9. Share your face!

    Our face. The first is one from a outing. The second was this morning. On the first of august. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/312928599101407233/341934775201824778/WP_20160423_19_14_39_Pro.jpg
  10. Briggs Myers Personality Test

    Again. Same personality. ENFP-T https://www.16personalities.com/enfp-personality
  11. Hypnosis

    Hello. This is just a thought and idea. I am a hypnotist, not overtly specialising in anything, but can and always willing to try stuffs. I have people that have been hypnotise by me on the forum and server, so feel free to ask around. I am debating on trying at making files, and voicing them. I plan to make some, like Induction, Latex, Transformation, Maybe a pony one. Tulpa, and mindscaping are up for deciding. I won't be starting so soon, But expect to see a file or something by the end of the year. Probably. On another note, I was thinking we should maybe be able to add more role? Like script writers and Hypnotist? and if possible create a room on the server for them, or us. Whichever. Of course, this is just a thought, and it is totally up to the mods Let me know if you are interested in my polls, and re[ply here, or find me on the server. \_(^3^)_/
  12. Welcome Welcome Welcome

    So, yah. I have no Idea where would I be in this fourm. But that's for another post. HIHI, my name is Joshua Allen Spell, Father to Nightingale NIghtie Spell, and Luna Midnight Moon Spell. Brother to Rarity Rara Spell, and Ellen Elle Spell. [HIHI^^ I am NIghtie.] {Rara, Nice to meet you all darlings.} <Luna. Greetings.> | Elle. Hello.| So, Yah. *Shoots party cannon* Welcome to the new website.
  13. Reading Suggestions ( Books )

    Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, Magnus Chase, Hero of Olympus, Trials of Apollo. By Rick Riodarn The Paladin Prophecy, by Mark Frost. Septimus Heap Series. By Angie Sage

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