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  1. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    This whole mess seems quite silly to me. "Being a princess should be earned"? Sure. You open a portal to Equestria and we'll all get right on earning our ascension to Alicorn. In the meantime, none of us have "earned the right" to be ponies, let alone princesses. We're all just flawed humans who are in love with a show about friendship. "Dangerous egotism"? If that's the case, then we might as well have all leadership in the collective pony hypno/tulpa community step down, because I see plenty of toxic egotism from the various leaders of the assorted groups... And that's without any princess files to inflate their egos. "Unsafe"? Are we really going to go there? We're in a community that finds it acceptable to hack our minds to either convince ourselves that we're ponies, or, create separate pony entities in our heads to keep us company. If that is considered "safe", then doing the same thing with an alicorn princess isn't going to be any more or less dangerous. Let's be honest with ourselves here: there's no more or less risk with any alicorn file than their is with any other pony personality file. All of the Mane 6 have crippling personality disorders, whether it's OCD and panic attacks (Twilight) , egotism and over compensation (Rainbow Dash and Rarity), extreme social anxiety, multiple phobias, self worth and assertiveness issue (Fluttershy), ADHD, codependency, multiple personality disorder and schizophrenia (Pinkie Pie), workaholic and micromanagement (Applejack)... Hell AJ is probably the most normal one. And Spike is so far down the Stockholm syndrome rabbit hole that there's no going back. He's been conditioned since birth to a servant for Twilight, who largely treats him like a slave. I'd argue that all of the princess are considerably more stable and sane than any of the Mane 6, despite their allegedly stressful occupations as matriarchs. We're kidding ourselves if we think any of their personalities are safe to emulate, let alone subconsciously modify our own personalities to match their's. As such, we're being wholly dishonest with ourselves if we refuse to permit Luna/Celestia/Cadence files on the grounds of them being "dangerous" while we happily permit the existence of files designed to convert us into far more maladjusted and unstable ponies. Adjust your positions accordingly. I'm curious what what others have to say in response to this. https://youtu.be/honiKsuWlmE
  2. New to MLP, hypnosis, and tulpas.

    Probably won't post much. I'm mainly here to read.


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