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  1. The Jukebox

    welcome welcome all to this lounge of musicality. Sit back, Relax take a drink of your favorite beverage and be sure to share your favorite songs, old, new, weird, obscure, popular, doesn't matter all that matters is that you like it. Let me start things off.
  2. RPG Ponies

    Battle mage, why yes physics, bending before my will would be lovely as I condense my enemy into a wet ball.
  3. Anime Night vote- December 30th.

    Spice and wolf all the way, it makes medieval economics interesting
  4. Moff Quest.

    50/50 huh Flipping coin... heads Luminesce update coming this evening.
  5. Minecraft Server

    Perhaps a dungeon crawl minigame?
  6. Moff Quest.

    Hello and welcome to the experiment that I promised. Welcome to Moth Quest, a little interactive CYOA, I the writer "Hello" will spin a yarn and you the readers will dictate the actions of the main character. So. Here. We. Go. The Everfree, a place fraught with danger and mystery. Bearing depths untouched by pony hooves since the first age when the dragons were masters of the world and ponies were yet new. nestled between between boughs of the great woods sits a town unlike anyother called Equus Lepidoptera by a scholar that probably did not survive the trip out of the ever free the residents of this peculiar town have no formal structure of government nor do they seem to want one as members do as they please the only rules that seem to exist is a ban on fire and intense punishment on the harming of the worm like children. You are a resident of this town, you are a member of the species Equus Lepidoptera, You are a Moth Pony, and your name is... choose a name Luminesce: The Silver Sentinel (Luna Moth) Canopy: The Summer Wind. (HummingBird Hawk Moth) Spark Bright: The Unseen Flame. (Deaths Head Moth) Merry Gold: The Castled Flower. (Certain members should remember her) Write in ( same 2 part name:title structure choose a moth sub species.)
  7. Reading Suggestions ( Books )

    Well if we are suggesting Web Novels then I must suggest a superhero piece by the name of Worm gets a tad excessive in the later stages but is a wonderful character piece that tracks a teenagers path down the slippery slope as she establishes herself in a world full of superhumans wonderful world building and wonderful characters.
  8. Reading Suggestions ( Books )

    I have to suggest The Runelords: Sum of all Men it falls on the fairly standard framework for epic fantasy novels. Namely two armies clashing as a great evil slowly awakens but it covers things like logistics in the medieval world and has a thoughtfulness about the setting that I have not seen since Tolkien and the hard cover slip is just beautiful.
  9. Beginnings

    Perhaps the most difficult of times befert of momentum laid bare of all but the very roots. I feel this is a time of renewal for not just the community but for us as individuals a chance for some to look insides and find what is hidden or concealed. I wish to gain a mindfulness about myself and tackle the thoughts and things that I have edged away from. I have long known that my apathy and ignoring of my problems has lead me to where I am. But my dislike of who I am has lead me to this community and hopefully down a new path. I look forward, to contributing as best I can given my meager means starting tomorrow July the 27th I shall be starting an experiment of my own on these forums. I am sure I will let everyone know but keep your eyes out. ___________ Dorkle out.
  10. Hello my honey! hello my baby! hello my rag time gal!

    1. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      First two lines are backwards, silly book horse.

    2. Twilight Dorkle

      Twilight Dorkle

      Fool! You fell into my brilliantly constructed trap! (Not really) Now there is no escape!


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