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  1. Hello everypony.

    Hey there everypony. I'm new to the site, although I temporarily joined some time back when it was still Hypnoponies (I forget my username, but I rarely ever participated in discussions). So! I guess some introductions are in order. I consider my name, as of this moment, to be Twilight Sparkle. I say this because I feel a spiritual connection with her, to the point I believe I may have been her in a former life (as illogical as that is, although it still just feels right; I've had to come to grips with near-constant denial due to my very nature causing me to see the world in a logical manner); this connection has only been exacerbated in recent times with my tendency to create checklists to organize my daily activities. I'm hoping I can be great friends with everypony I speak with on this site and the Discord, or at the very least good acquaintances. Thank you, Twilight Sparkle.

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