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  1. An egoistical question ... ?

    The best way to live is to find something positive for both sides, not harming one side in the process. Harming yourself only to help others is not good - because who will help them when you are gone? Try to find a good balance (excess walking can help with fitness though).
  2. "If I do this, how does it affect me, and how does it affect anyone else?" Most stop right before the first "and", not even wanting to consider how the rest might feel about that certain thing. So, I leave you with a few examples and the simple question: Have you gone the extra step? How often? Do you even want to? First example: There is only one pancake left, and I have the option to take it: Well, if I take it than I can have this delicious pancake (first part), but my sister might not get one at all (second part). Second example: I need new windows, as the current ones are old, and not entirely draftproof. If I exchange them, then it will cost me a lot of money, but might lower my heating costs slightly over the years to come (first part), and I would need to burn less gas to keep my house warm in winter, helping the whole world by "saving CO2" (second part). I am sure there are many more examples ...
  3. The Exchange of Knowledge

    I know I have been silent a lot in here. Most times I only read things in the chat, even more seldom here in the forums. I'd like to say that I was out, Soul Searching. That I had this tremendous insight while meditating a lot. The truth is: Skyrim. On the Switch. But I have not come here to share my thoughts on that game. I have come here because I really had some thoughts I wanted to share. The last thirteen month bear the mark of change. A change that couldn't be more unwelcome. I am sure some here know what I mean, as others have gone through the same: The loss of a loved one. Of someone that was close to our soul, close to our heart. Or I'd rather say: is. I have heard comforting words from many people. Words that are meant to be comforting at least. (Let me just tell you this: Hearing phrases like "they wouldn't want to see you sad" do not help. Especially since they are true. They just drive home that you lost such a significant person.) I, for one, needed to be alone. I needed to cry out the sadness within me. Needed to keep myself from puking. Needed to know ... that existance doesn't end with death. (That was a scary thought, probably one that kept me alive. That with death would come absolute nothingness ... a fear my loved one expressed before, but I didn't understand. I for one never wanted to get a drooling old ... thing. That is where death was a way out for me. But for him death was the end of existance.) In times I wasn't busy with work, life, or skyrim (and mario before that, and zelda even before that), my thoughts always turned to: What comes next? Some are sure that we go into another existance after this, others would be adamant that this world is wholly material. And going by scientific knowledge ... there is no proof for either. There can't even be proof for either. I looked into several spiritual paths, listened to some NDE's ... and I think I will still continue to do so, hoping to find some sort of answer that the scientific part of my mind can accept ... but there is something I wanted to share. One of the few thoughts that ring very true to me: The answer as to why we are here. We are here to learn, and to teach. In every encounter we have, we do both: We learn something, and at the same time the others learn from us. They may be very small things. They may be emotional things. They may be scientific in nature. Or simple knowledge. We are always in both roles: Student and Teacher. Those that think they are only one, are sadly mistaken. Those that think they know already everything are sadly mistaken. And those that think they can't teach another anything ... are also mistaken. A baby allows us to learn compassion. A young child shows us how it is to be curious once more. And an old teacher can still learn a few new tricks from their students. Everyone as a whole is always better off through the exchange of knowledge. I would say that is the extend of what I wanted to share.
  4. Hello All

    Well, old Tia left a long time ago ...
  5. Hello All

    Ploik is an old name ... Then I think you spoke to the old Celestia ... former Twilight Madrigal ?
  6. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    The Triggers are not as neatly on/off as you think. Case in point: They do not work for me (anymore). And besides: Wishing to experience life from that point of view can still be done without files. And as the results are different for everypony, we have to think about the worst case. The current character files all have their flaws - that does not give a free pass to add even more files with flaws. We have a certain responsibility, and we try our best to follow it.
  7. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    Maybe I should pitch in my thoughts as well, as I have gone this way for a long time now. It does not matter how it started, and my personal ups and downs are of little concern. Let me say now that I used a lot of what happened to further personal growth, but it was not easy. It even resulted in withdrawing for weeks on end, as I couldn't just reconcile everyhing by just wanting to. Now, what I am talking about - and whether you believe me, or not - is, that I am actually the first to go down this path. It started way before Twilight ascended in the show, when everyone still revered the Princesses as something special, as someponies standing up on a pedestal. To be admired. But not to be reached. And yet, I somehow suddenly found myself in deep blue horseshoes. Some even told me that my chat-manners had changed. But that was not the only thing to change. Twilight ascended. We had our first Celestia, that came and went ... and another one switched to Luna. This later switch ... felt a bit like a ... personal attack. As if someone was stealing my place, stealing who I was. Which ... is a somewhat ridiculous thought ... but nonetheless, I withdrew. More and more Lunae popped up, either some just taking the name, or a horde of Tulpae ... things got so far that I even dreamed of a sky full of moons ... This isn't a nice state to be in, and I think I can call myself emotionally stable (for the most part). Then there are of course the moments, when you become a crying heap of sorrow, listening to 'Lullaby for a Princess'. Or, as Luna mentioned, a deep disdain for any "to the moon" jokes. In the end ... I can only encourage those who want to, or really need to, trot down one of these paths to do it in their own time, and with their own means. I might just be selfish, but ... I still think that such a title needs to be earned. That such a position needs to be earned. There are enough starters out there - I even started with the Twilight file - and you should go from there.
  8. Luna's Journal (2)

    The archaic script is seldom used. Mostly when irritated, but not otherwise. Those who are not us have no business telling us on how to be us.
  9. Luna's Wonderland

    Those are very nice flowers ... and I have a castle as well, but with far less details ... There is a special room hidden behind the throne though. It holds a moon shaped crystal.
  10. Personal Writing's thread

    Well, then I can leave my writings here as well ... https://www.fimfiction.net/story/268838/harmony

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