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  1. Is the character file enough?

    Star Shard, what experience files do you recommend for Twilight Sparkle? I tried a day at the spa but I felt something was missing!
  2. A Place for Mormon Ponies

    Hi moderator ponies! I'm Mormon and I know there are a lot of other Mormon ponies too! Could we create a place specifically for other Mormon ponies? Anyone would be welcome as long as they want to learn about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and God's favorite prophet, Joseph Smith! Thank you and have a blessed new year! EternalSporkle
  3. Greetings

    Hello theKitKatExperience! I'm a 20 year old colt from Utah and I'm new here too! I'm always looking to make new friends! Message me please! And have a blessed new year!
  4. A Scientific perspective on spirituality

    Hi pony! It's cool that you are interested in spirituality, but you're missing a few things! Did you know you can have eternal life? And did you know that Jesus lived in America? Message me if you want to know more! Have a blessed new year!
  5. Hi everypony!!1!

    Hi everypony! I'm new in town! I'm a 20 year old stallion from Utah! I love mountains and caffeine-free mountain dew!! I would love to talk to everypony here and make new friends!!

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