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  1. [11] Relocation

    I didn't know you were under such stress Twilight, I dunno what to say about your struggles with Astral, maybe Luna would be better for advice on that. But I will certainly listen and try if you ever need an ear. I know now that despite my thinking otherwise, I really needed it. But I am glad to see that you have gone out there on your own and got some roommates. It's great that you have Luna there as well to support you. Sometime down the road I hope that you can rebuild a relationship with your parents, but right now, they are too familiar and you need the chance and the room to go out there and grow. Maybe in time those relationships will heal and develop in a more fair manner. It might not always be easy sometimes, but it's a good move. You will see in time, that is if you have never lived on your own. Once I left home I could never go back, no matter how hard it got for me, because it was good for me.
  2. I have returned!

    Welcome back Duality, I don't believe we have met yet. But there will be time for that I'm sure.
  3. How Does One Connect?

    I like you Dunkmaster. There is nothing wrong with you. We all were new here at one point, I know that it took me a while to kind find my place but I think I am okay. Ponies here are capable of some really great things, some of them have performed miracles for me ;-; Give it time, you will get to know everypony, but also keep in mind there are a great deal of introverts here more so than any other place I think and they will just have to open up to you over time. You just gotta get used to us that's all. My thing is I try to take an interest in everypony, but some might feel uncomfortable with this so I take it slow. I know that even though I am an extrovert, because of my past I am very cautious around new ponies when I first meet them, it is perhaps some old bad programming I should overcome.
  4. I am firebunny.

    That's a very sweet thing to do Firebunny, I haven't seen you often though, you must spend your discord time elsewhere most of the time? Anyway, nice to meet you.
  5. Why am I curious about This?

    I dunno if this counts but I ran over something strange late at night with my car years ago coming back home from my Ex-Gf's home. It had long claws, long arms, moved and looked at me very slowly and looked exactly like a sloth, head shape, eyes, body shape. Just like this picture: It scared the hell out of me, because this is Canada and sloths are no where near Canada. I didn't stop to check it if was okay. The next morning I had to go back and get my licence plate which it knocked off when I hit it, meaning first of all, it was big, second but there was no body. So I hit this freakin' monster hard enough to knock my licence plate off but it apparently can walk that off.
  6. Right now, it has been so busy at work it feels like it's been Monday for like 8 weeks? It's been nuts, it's never been this bad, part of the problem is I get saddled with Computer and IT stuff at work and I am an engineer. Fortunately I have a few companies interested in me, and I could move into a specifically engineering position and get rid of the whole computer/IT/office setup and even Health and Safety. Meanwhile I don't really make enough to live alone, my vehicles are slowly failing and I need to make a change. I think it may be time for you to move on Bright Star. I'm 33 and I look back and I've had about at least 14 different jobs, all along the way, I guess I learn things that I will never use again but each job does give me very important experiences and skills I can use later on in life. I have way too much on my plate right now too and I think its time to move into a more specific position. Specifically an engineering only position, hopefully with more pay now that I have some years under my belt.
  7. Hello, allow me to introduce myself.

    Hello and welcome, I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised about what you can learn here. There is a great deal of potential if you put in the effort.
  8. New File Poll

    I feel like since some of the ponies mentioned here already have files, some of those ponies are gonna vote experience..... as have I because I am a OC Generic Pegasus. Perhaps it can't be helped. But some of characters without files might have to wait longer.
  9. Journal Announcements!

    Mine is already categorized however I will include it anyway. My journal is about my progress about becoming a black Pegasus permanently. Since the old journals are lost, I may have to write about those experiences again in future entries. It can be found here
  10. Just woke up from a very pleasant dream, I'm not sure what happened, but something triggered very strong changes while I was dreaming.  It feels so nice-_-

  11. [10] A Fine Birthday

    Wow, what a haul, I was so curious about what you got, thanks for sharing. What a nice surprise, I'm glad you had a great birthday Twilight Sparkle.
  12. What song are you listening to right now?

    Ohh I revisited this one today, been a long time. Very powerful, fills my heart with hope... Sam Cooke - A change is gonna come.
  13. What Was your Most Successful Session Ever?

    I have had incredible sessions lately, however the best one so far was a text hypnosis by Moonbeam, she managed to change my memories by taking my mindscape pony form and applying it over my memories. Now when I remember a memory of myself, I can't remember it unless I was Sable all my life. I got this unexpected side effect... I love myself now and I am at peace with myself finally, I wake up happy every day now. I can control my rage now, in a matter of minutes instead of being lost to it for days and the rage no longer turns me back into a human. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and cry tears of joy. Moon also managed to give me all the visual changes, but they have since faded and my mindscape and reality are confused.... but I know we will be able to figure it out sooner or later. Finally, she helped me remember the first time I learned to fly..... it's one of my most cherished memories now and I remember it being a very freeing experience. It wells up my eyes thinking about it sometimes.
  14. Entry 1- well.... a new start then

    I am so sorry you went through that Starlight, but you're one of the greatest ponies I ever met, I am so glad you are my friend.
  15. So, I'm back. Hopefully forever now.

    Welcome back Twilight Sparkle

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