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  1. I may not be available for a little bit, my father just died.  I will be back when I can.

    1. ARandomBrony


      That is terrible! Wish you well.

    2. CommieLevinksy


      Sorry to hear about yer loss :c

    3. Sable


      Thank you >.< 
      Still a few things to do but it might be all done after Wednesday.

  2. Just veeeeeeerrrrrrry very sick today... I think this is a bad flu.  I am so tired and weak.:aw:

    1. Starlight Glimmer

      Starlight Glimmer

      oh nu... ;-; get well soon..

    2. shiron222
  3. Trying transformation

    You should also come onto discord, it helps to get a variety of success stories and techniques from the others in the chat. This will help what I call building affirmation, that is what you want, this stuff is very sensitive to doubt and skepticism. Right now there is a workshop going on as well every Monday at 7pm EST usually and it will help aid in listening to the files. Don't get frustrated, attack it from additional angles and take charge of your journey to seek out the experience of others and you will find the way. I think that anyone can do this, so don't listen to those that say that only some can or anything else like that, because if you do, you will have given up.
  4. Anime Night vote- Jan 27

    Dang, I haven't seen any of these.... I am unfamiliar. Ohh well I will close my eyes and pick at random.
  5. Workshops have started up again, which is a nice change I am excited, because I feel I have learned and can do a lot and I am very blessed to have everything I have, it's made huge changes in my life, flipped everything on it's side. It's all the more exciting to learn something new. The princesses once again were doing energy work during meditation, and I got it to work again, although last time we shaped this energy, this time it was just seeing if we could all get it started and going, the turn out was huge and I am glad that a few others got it to work as well. How do I describe it, it was a meditation, and I could feel like a tennis ball sized ball of energy moving back and forth through my arms, maybe about as fast as a mouse runs... I have been trying to recreate it since the workshop, but I can't do it, there is something I am missing. This next workshop we will try it again. I am sure I can figure it out, I have figured out most things, it just needs commitment, the more practice I get the better. I really want to get back into journal writing, I have been a bad pony. I need to stop worrying so much about the perfect entry and just do it. There really is no excuse. Things have been hard this winter, but I feel like I am better equipped now to deal with it. This may be one of the hardest winters yet and I dunno if I would have survived it a year ago, but I am doing better now. I believe in myself, whatever happens I will figure it out and get through it somehow. No matter how cold it gets, how little food, money, sleep or time, or whatever breaks or who stabs me from behind. I can survive it all now, I can see the end of this 33 year winter, spring is coming, it must inevitably come. I have been experimenting with a new technique based on what I have learned healing my damaged mind, I have helped a lot of ponies with my experimental happiness imposition, however there are some resistant to it and I am learning that I need to be careful. Although I have helped suicidal and self harm ponies. I may have to face the reality that I am too hopeful and ambitious, that it might not work with everyone or I lack the knowledge to make it work.
  6. In the hometown, visiting my brother, see you all soon ^_^

  7. Movie Night Voting - December 9th

    Thank you Twiz, although I won't be able to make that night, I got a company Christmas party.
  8. Movie Night Voting - December 9th

    Wait which one is it the 8th or the 9th? The title says 9th but the post says 8th? I hope its on the 8th >.<
  9. Swearing rules in the ES Discord Server

    I am still thinking about this, but here is my knee jerk response. Part of me really worries about just a ban on it however I can see a little value in maybe some moderation. If you ban it, of course then you have to enforce it which means that it can lead to other creative forms of abuse or a divide in the community. An outright ban could serve to split the community up perhaps and have some leave to go to other servers. My experience was that I have started to change the more I work on my transformation, I find myself becoming more positive and I dunno innocent? child like? for lack of a better term. I find that I just don't have the desire to swear anymore. I find that I can be more genuine and respectable I guess with out the need of it. This developed without the ban. But that is just my experience, maybe it is not gonna go that way for every pony. Banning something outright can drive a problem underground and actually make it worse as we have learned with alcohol prohibition and the removal of sex education in southern schools and are now learning with other drugs as well. I think that on the other hand, yes it can be distracting and destructive in ways to the community possibly, but I dunno if a ban is a solution. I will have to think about it more.
  10. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    Omg, I barely remember that movie, wow Greta what a good idea. Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii..... not so much a movie, but a very unique and awesome musical experience.
  11. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    We are we deciding btw, order or request or a vote, if you do a vote I suggest maybe trying to find a ranked ballet website maybe, we have so many suggestions.
  12. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    The Big Lebowski In Bruges No Country for Old Men True Grit O'Brother Where Art Thou? Spirited Away
  13. The future of our MC server

    Lol I only recently found out about it, but I haven't tried it yet. But I have been here a year and I didn't know.
  14. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everypony ^_^


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