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  1. In the hometown, visiting my brother, see you all soon ^_^

  2. Movie Night Voting - December 9th

    Thank you Twiz, although I won't be able to make that night, I got a company Christmas party.
  3. Movie Night Voting - December 9th

    Wait which one is it the 8th or the 9th? The title says 9th but the post says 8th? I hope its on the 8th >.<
  4. Swearing rules in the ES Discord Server

    I am still thinking about this, but here is my knee jerk response. Part of me really worries about just a ban on it however I can see a little value in maybe some moderation. If you ban it, of course then you have to enforce it which means that it can lead to other creative forms of abuse or a divide in the community. An outright ban could serve to split the community up perhaps and have some leave to go to other servers. My experience was that I have started to change the more I work on my transformation, I find myself becoming more positive and I dunno innocent? child like? for lack of a better term. I find that I just don't have the desire to swear anymore. I find that I can be more genuine and respectable I guess with out the need of it. This developed without the ban. But that is just my experience, maybe it is not gonna go that way for every pony. Banning something outright can drive a problem underground and actually make it worse as we have learned with alcohol prohibition and the removal of sex education in southern schools and are now learning with other drugs as well. I think that on the other hand, yes it can be distracting and destructive in ways to the community possibly, but I dunno if a ban is a solution. I will have to think about it more.
  5. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    Omg, I barely remember that movie, wow Greta what a good idea. Pink Floyd's Live at Pompeii..... not so much a movie, but a very unique and awesome musical experience.
  6. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    We are we deciding btw, order or request or a vote, if you do a vote I suggest maybe trying to find a ranked ballet website maybe, we have so many suggestions.
  7. Movie Night Movie Suggestions!

    The Big Lebowski In Bruges No Country for Old Men True Grit O'Brother Where Art Thou? Spirited Away
  8. The future of our MC server

    Lol I only recently found out about it, but I haven't tried it yet. But I have been here a year and I didn't know.
  9. Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving everypony ^_^

  10. What song are you listening to right now?

    It's my birthday today, the first one since I became Sable and beat my mental illness at 33 years. I am gonna go out and get a dessert for myself, I used to think I wasn't worth having a birthday. But I am starting to put down my illness, my demons from my childhood abuse. This is a song that kinda has a double meaning for me, the singer was a beautiful Canadian singer when she was just a little girl she was molested by her great uncle and she kept silent for many years, like I did with my abuse and illness, I learned to let it go. So here is my birthday song. Rita MacNeil - Flying on your own
  11. Be prepared, cuz I'm back!

    It's great to have you back Rd
  12. I have arrived, a new job and a new home :).  Gotta wait two weeks for the old pay to end then the week after I get another much bigger paycheck from my new job.  I need it so bad right now.

  13. Entry 3: Another 2 Weeks

    Sweet, congrats on the new job Sunbeam, I am glad you're not working nights anymore. Maybe once you get back into a good sleep cycle you can get back on your music and writing and stuff.
  14. A Small appeal

    I wish I could help at the moment, both of you have been great teachers for me, but this move is currently and is going to be very tough. I can help later but not sure when that is going to be.

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