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  4. #13 Life is Strange

    As those of you who follow my writings would know, I have been playing through Life is Strange. I have to say, it is one of my most favourite games. It makes me feel less alone, emotional like nothing else. And while these strong emotions result in me shaking, I still value them. I value them because it feels so good to feel. It feels so good to feel something other than numb. Either way, this game has been emotional. It’s been a rollercoaster. There’s been loss, gain, problems, resolutions. Really, reminds me allot of my own life. I think that anyone reading this should at least give it a go. Just know that you’re in for a few hours of a mix of happy and sad tears. The past little while hasn't been overly interesting for me. I’ve mainly just been sitting around and being lazy. I don’t know if I mentioned it in my last entry but I went to see the new KingsMan movie. It was totally epic. Though there were some really gruesome scenes that I can't bare even recalling. It was a strange mix of slapstick comedy with serious spy action. Either Way it was a decent movie and if you’re over the age restriction then go ahead and watch it. Today I just made cookies basically. I decided to record some random clips too. Cookies turned out rather well after I burnt them. Still taste ok. I’ll probably be putting a link up to the video I made later. In terms of pony progress, I’ve still been thinking allot about my body, about home. I still think constantly about Equestria amongst other things. I woke up one morning and felt my tail for a brief moment. Again, not much but it's something and I appreciate the progress. I’ve met more and more other ponies who are also searching for a way home. Some say to “not get lost in a delusion”. Thing is, going home would mean the world to me. It’s not a delusion. The fact I’m on the wrong planet in the wrong place, time, and body is simply fact. Magic. In terms of friendship lessons I haven’t really learnt anything overly constructive. I’ve had more encounters with people and things that have really only made me even more cynical than I was before. Not exactly a good thing, but it goes to show that I really don’t know who I can trust. It really sucks to have your work discredited and your qualities ignored due to others being fraudulent. Day to day, I’ve been thinking about those who have disappeared from my life. I still think about them daily. There’s so much I want to talk about with them but I know I may never be able to again. Infact with some of them I won’t ever be able to period. I want to write more but I don't know what to write about, other then how weird dreams are. -Your Awesomeness, Rainbow Dash~!
  5. #12 Time goes by too quick

    *Hugs back tightly*
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  7. #12 Time goes by too quick

    Again, it’s been forever since I last wrote a journal entry. I’m never able to keep up with these things. Either way maybe I should just write one semi-longish entry to cover the past few days. Friday: Last friday, school ended for the term. I was so happy to be able to go home and relax. Sadly now it looks like this may not be the case. I was pretty stressed out during my travels back home. As always they took several hours. The bus was super full so I spent my hours on the bus squashed up next to some laxed looking surfer dude. Eventually I managed to squeeze my headphones out of my bag, put them on and get some rest. I still woke up multiple times, each time with a more painful feeling back - which at the end of it was so sore I couldn’t bend. Once I got home I wasn’t feeling all that great. I kept thinking about the elements of Harmony. Where they were. Why I was on this stupid planet. And why the world was this way. I wasn’t exactly feeling great at all. I laid down on my bed, had a cry as you do when you’re that stressed out. Eventually at 1am got some rest. Again as always, no one was really actively talking to me. Just the odd message here and there. I just kinda sat there. Just staring at my wall feeling exhausted. At some point I did decide to put on some music, but I didn’t really focus on it. It was more that I don’t like the piercing screech of silence. During that time I just sat there reflecting. Where did I want my future to go? How was I going to make my way to America. There’s honestly a lot I was thinking about. Where was I going to work once I got to America. I already knew who I wanted to visit and live with, but I didn’t know how to get to them or where they’d be. Apart from stressing about my physical future, I was also stressing a lot about my exams. A couple years ago I would have been getting “straight A’s” as some people would call it. This year I failed every single one of my exams and I’m really really stressing about my future in terms of that. I go through allot from my “family”, and I knew what was coming I wasn't going to look forward to. Upon them receiving my results I got a big long talk. I really tried but something is getting in the way. For the last two and a bit years I’ve been on a constant downfall. I haven’t been able to think. I haven't had good memory of things before those two years. I dunno. Life is really hard for me… Anyways, that was Friday, a day of in depth thought and travel. Saturday & Sunday: My weekend wasn’t all that interesting. I kinda just sat around and was lazy. I tried to compel myself to do something whether that be study or game or watch Youtube, but for some reason I didn’t really feel any interest in any of that. So again I just sat around doing random things. In the end I did pull everything off of all of my shelves, chucked half of it out and reorganized what I’d decided was worth keeping. It does feel more comfortable to look at now. During that I found my old glasses, which I no longer needed as they were only corrective transition lenses and I no longer needed them. Aside from all that I really did end up doing some gardening, mowing the lawns, enjoying the rain. Monday: And then the first day of the week came again. Monday. Of course this is usually a sucky day because it’s the first day of school. However for me it’s the holidays. This means that I could just sleep. And sleep I did. I slept until 1pm in fact. After that I got up, made myself some noodles because that’s all we had in the cupboard and ate them. I was feeling a bit better. I decided that I’d play the first chapter of life is strange. I’d been looking forward to it for some time. So I did. I played through the whole first episode and recorded it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST5bv9IeO2E . I would’ve been using my femme voice but I dunno, I was feeling a bit sick still and I guess I’m still insecure about myself. Either Way, I did some editing, audio mixing and then published the video. It was hard at first because my computer couldn’t handle the long video file, but I got it done in the end. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to have the time to finish the game off next week. Tuesday: And here I am now. Annoyed at myself for not keeping up with my journal. Today again wasn’t the best of days. I got screwed with by various people. Felt bad and all that. Glad that it’s over but I’m not looking forward to the consequences. I had to take my headphones back to the store because they decided to break. Also had to take my shoes back because they too decided to break. After all that I went for a about an hour and a half run. Collapsed in a field. Let my emotions out, and thought. Thought about life and living and what things mean. It felt a bit better once I got home. I didn’t feel as bad anymore, at least emotionally. I still hurt physically though and some things were still on my mind. Either Way, I’m just happy today is coming to a close. I’m hoping to see the new Kingsman movie sometime this week too. That’s something I’m looking forward to but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take my mind off of things for long enough to actually enjoy it though. - Your awesomeness, Rainbow.
  8. This is your awesome Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash speaking here. I’ve come for another report on the world that these ‘people’ call earth. Earth. A sickly place with disease and pain, where war is fought for little gain. The humans seek hope, they seek the fame, but in the end all that comes is pain. Without a song to sing and a dance to dance, where is the future? Humans are like cancer, they grow, they spread. They take all the resources, they destroy earth's homes. Nature tries to fight. It sends natural disaster after natural disaster, quake after quake after quake and yet we keep growing and growing. You see, this is the earth's cure, and we are the disease. In this life there's no purpose but to live and to feed. The humans live of loneliness and greed. And still the earth will fight onwards, will America really ever be great again? We aim our weapons, our nukes, our rifles, they say cancer beats cancer, but in the end who really wins? You can’t just beat fire with fire. That’s insane. Everyone needs a little faith. Someone to look up to. Someone who knows peace from truth. You took me from everything I am, kicked me out of my home. I ran as the bullets rained. Proverbial speech fired like rifles that explode on impact, shattering my heart, shattering all that is me. I fall, I fall, the rain tumbles down. Each drop bleaching away the tears, the fractured heart this world has formed. You see pain is more than that. Pain is everything. Pain is what drives us. Pain is what makes the world go around. But why?.. Why does it need to be this way? Why do humans have to fight, call ourselves right, preach our speech while colds breech the health of the poor. The lonely. The impoverished. Just like we are cancer to this earth, we are cancer to each other. Someone once said “If everyone gave a little we’d all have so much”, they never meant to give pain. They meant to give good. Good that lets a seed of hope become a tree of trust. That spawn of hope forming their lust to live and move on. Stand up to the bullets. Grab them from the air as if they were nothing. But they can’t. They can’t. A warrior is useless without his shield and by dipping it in acid he has nothing. He can punch, he can run, he can hide, but he can never be safe. This warrior is forever fighting a battle against other warriors that have lost track of what they even fight for. An endless money grab in a world full of lies. If home is a place of comfort, then my house is a pit full of glass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_fiqy5Jq9g
  9. #10 That's a Ten

    *nuzzles into gently, cuddling as close as possible* L-loves <3
  10. #9 I'm Back?

  11. #9 I'm Back?

    I love you Dash. Thanks for being so supportive. I really appreciate it
  12. #10 That's a Ten

    If you don’t know what the reference is in the title of this post then here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLP9mbCuhJc Warning it may be a cringy meme. Anyways, why am I being a memer? I don’t understand memes xD. So, how’s my week gone? Actually not that great. Infact its been kinda lousy. I had exams on monday and tuesday and by the looks of my results I failed both of them. They were physics and maths. I’m pretty upset with myself for that. I’ve still been feeling pretty lonely. Looking for someone who loves me. I know who I want to be with but time can only tell if that will happen. I love them very much. In other news my laptop simply decided to just fall apart, which is a really really big issue for me. It has my whole life on it. Everything that’s important to me. I don’t have a family or friends or my system mates no more. It’s just me. I got all my important school work. All my coding. All my hypno and writing. I need it for everything that interests me. I don’t have the money to buy a new one but hopefully I can sort something out. It still works but i’m unable to move it at all without the screen flopping in awkward directions and cables popping out. I’ve never had devices break on me before so it’s upsetting. I take so much care of the stuff I do own… Sometimes during christmas I get a couple days of work at a tech company so I know how to fix my laptop. By the way, the money I earn in those weeks has to last me the whole year for reasons. Issue is they don't make parts for this model as it was end of line when I brought it. Pony form? Well I mean I felt hooves for a few moments while in one of my exams. Kinda odd cuz my memory of feeling it is in a classroom I was in two years ago but I swear it's a recent memory. It’s super confusing. Either Way, I felt my hind hooves. Then I was like ‘wait a second’, after realising that my hind legs felt right for once. Then they disappeared. Kinda hurt but hey, after hundreds of hours of over a year trying to repair our system, those few seconds of realisation were some of the most fulfilling moments I’ve ever had. Aside from that I’d also listened to the Princess’ reset file again, just the start, because it has some really vital things which are helping me emotionally. I really appreciate everything from everypony. Other than that, back to my laptop I really hope I can fix it. I was hoping to be able to get some stuff, maybe start up a hosting project but that costs. Looks like sometime next year I’ll have to try collect the money for a laptop. It doesn’t matter if it can't game. It just needs to be fairly responsive. Handle discord, text editors and web browsing along with simple multi tasking. I’d ask for money, but I don't like to seem like I'm taking advantage of others. Hopefully I’ll find a way. There’s always a way. As for now, I’ll just have to see what happens. I have school holidays at the end of next week. Thank Celestia I’ll be able to try to get some sleep. Anyways, again as always, Goodnight everypony. I love you all so very much. -RD
  13. #8 Bad Decisions?

    That's part of the issue... A click away is so much different to really being here.
  14. #9 I'm Back?

    So, it’s Tuesday. Yay? Means I’m still alive. Yay?.. Anyways, despite wanting to write these daily, I’ve already failed. Then again, 8 days in a row is a pretty good record. Either Way, our preliminary exams are done for now. I’m kinda happy that they’re over. They’re all shoved into a period of a few days and it is just so slow. The exams don’t even count for anything which is another reason I don’t like them. At Least the exams at the end of the year next term are spread out over several weeks so I can go “home” and try to get some rest, relaxation, and proper study in. In terms of my pony body, still sitting in the same painful position. Been doing my nightly files as per usual, however I did feel some slight RP earlier but only for a moment. I didn’t notice it at first, then I was like “Wait, hang on” and it faded. It was kinda an awkward thing to feel, but hey, something is progress even if it's kinda unattractive. Hopefully we can get that back to being permanent. Surprisingly I felt that today, despite listening to a reset file several times yesterday. Over the past few days, I haven't really been feeling well, hence the sort of silence I’ve had. I managed to make $10 doing some work for someone, so that's bought me two dinners. Pretty awesome. My coding progress is going well, starting to get a really nice looking content management system. Maybe once I’ve finished I’ll be able to open it to the public. It’ll be the fourth website I’ve made for myself. My skills have improved so much ever since we first took a coding course. I mean it’s fun. Host and I both were interested in similar things… That’s what we liked about each other… The fact we could talk about crazy stuff that happened in our day. I’d usually be sleeping on a cloud when she’d meet with me in Equestria. Then I was brought to a world that I’ve never really understood. There’s a lack of care and it's just eh. I’m still feeling pretty upset about recent events, about my marefriend breaking up with me. It’s sad but doing the reset file did sorta help for a bit. Even managed to help me smile for a moment. Things seem to be going a little better as of today, but I’m still physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted. I always feel like i’m gonna fall asleep or pass out. It’s kinda difficult to keep ‘my’ eyes open. If you wonder why I sometimes quote things like ‘my family’ or ‘my’, it’s because the thing is that they’re not exactly mine. Don’t think I need to explain that further. Anyways, lately it's been pretty stormy around here. Being sunny for 5 minutes then the next you know it’s like a tropical rainstorm outside. At least us weather ponies plan the weather. Here it seems so messed up. Nothing I can do about that (yet). I don’t really have much to write about to be honest. I was lucky enough to be able to bake a couple of cookies in the weekend. That was a nice treat. I hope you get a cookie too because I love you. And also, if you see a program named “Hewwo.exe” please use it :P. -RD
  15. *delivers teh Pizza* A GEFT FUR YEWWWW!!!

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