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  1. In most cases its as simple as a lack of evidence James Randi foundation prize was never run + Occam's Razor. Spirituality rumination can lead to harm due to false metaphors and this needs to be acknowledged for harm reduction regardless of 'positive attitude'. Like one exercise of making a shield to defend from malevolent spirits. First off, believing in malevolent spirits, implying you need to defend yourself? Avenues for the incompetent to be lead into harms way. The sort who are more likely to be abused from hypnosis in the first place, the quiet insecure ones that trust strangers. Energy work is a, despite that issue, a marvelous tool for visualization. And as such it is worth noting. Ghosts, shadow beings, spirits, demons, etc. No scientific basis, outside of schizophrenia or psychosis. And studies prove believing in malevolent entities can lead to psychological harm. Its more common in the west, likely due to christianity's common claims of sinners demons spirits and satan. Also in order to explain this perspective, one needs to hear an explanation of it. Science is about understanding results to understand consequences. Its highly context specific, and some studies are misleading. Its important thus to be able to comprehend a document, even if you don't understand most of the technical jargon. Do people experience ghosts? No. They experience delusions, and hallucinations. Not all delusions or hallucinations are bad for the mind however, in some cultures spirits are wholly positive. Now for the part thats harder to hear, but its what aligns with the perspective I mentioned. Palm reading is a scam. Selling specially colored and textured rocks for the sake of spirituality is inaccurate in its premise. The truth is such colors and textures are highly memorable, and more likely to form memories than a boring piece of paper or such. Divination in general is cold readings. People who do it are either mislead or misleading or both. Reiki healers or the like, faith healers, are con artists. Why am I saying things like this? Because consequences matter more than the feelings you would retain or prevent, instead convincing yourself this perspective is incorrect.
  2. Making a Case for Celestia & Luna Files

    Judging by how guilty Glimmers can feel I feel Luna is a poor choice, a Celestia file would be better. ut for people who are capable of doing safe-guards, or a Luna who has resolved her guilt already it being suggested in a file or Alt Universe Luna or such could be workable perhaps.
  3. I like your avi, its cute, and reminds me of adventure time just a little.

    1. Twilight


      Thanks! It's currently my favorite thing that was made for me ^-^

  4. For Lil Pips 


  5. New File Poll

    If it will be experience files please poll us again with what kinds of experiences.
  6. Hotline Miami 1/2

    Yeah you gotta learn how to bait the enemies not try n figure out a rush angle cuz the patrols are killer. After you beat the game you can play it on hard fyi, I am stuck like 1/3 in on hard cuz my pinkie got sore pressing shift all the time to view enemies. On hard every time a gun falls it loses at least 2 rounds, and you can't 'lock on' with the mouse wheel and there are extra windows for enemies in maps and more beefy guys n stuff like that. So I changed my shift button, could prolly do it now. Also I made some evil levels in level editor except I need to change one cuz it turns out killing close to 70 enemies at once while they all miss a shotgun shot lags the game out lol. And the dog level before that is ridiculous, although possible (just gotta die 30 times near instantly lol).
  7. Hotline Miami 1/2

    Might as well post it. Yes the game is prolly uninteresting or old news to most of you, but the game to me is super solid. Replaying it not so much. But first play I absolutely enjoyed it, and then 2 has a level editor that was boss. I made 21 floors ranging from tricky to almost impossible. And Sometimes the game crashes because I make it too um, sub-optimal or whatnot. Didn't patiently make a proper level lets say. The game has sweet music. So yeah thats pretty much it, feel free to check out some gameplay on youtube or something. What else is there to say really.

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