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  1. Hey everyone! I upgraded my phone recently and somehow managed to lose my discord account in the process... Also, entirely unrelated side note, if you have two-factor authentication enabled, just go ahead and triple check your backup codes... Anyways, my new account is Twhily (Flutterhi)#7469. Thanks! :)

  2. Things have changed. I'm not sure how or when but I'm starting to miss the times I took for granted. Hope you're all doing well.

  3. Entry #2 - Trapped in Old Memories

    It's been a bit since I've posted... again. I'm not too sure what I had in mind when I wrote the first post, I was actually procrastinating while writing it! I feel like I've become so detached from this community. Like everyone moved on and I missed the notice. I really don't know what happened but I've been finding myself really missing those earlier days. I remember how excited I was at being picked for the Harmony Link. Oh, that was such an amazing time. I had just met TwinkiePinkie, the closest friend I ever met here, we got along famously. That was back when the chat was built into the website. Just as quickly as we had met, we'd both received invitations to the Harmony Link. We felt so special, so affirmed in our roles, to have been selected to join this close-knit group of friends. I finally felt like I had a home. Things change though. People left, others joined, conflict arose, and people just drifted apart. Gosh, I really wish that someone had told me how important those times were. I really would have cherished them so much more. I feel like everything is different yet I just want the same old thing. I can make connections in real life just fine but they all feel fake. It's like I'm always wearing a mask and the only place where I could be myself around friends is now gone. I have some old friends out there who I'll probably never see again. With time, their memories will fade too. It feels silly to say it out loud but... I think those times were the best I've ever lived. We tried getting everyone back together again, making new groups to resemble the old ones, but something was different. No one had anything to talk about. Each group would end in silence. What once came so naturally was lost. I dearly wish I knew where that old spark of friendship went because right now it feels like I'm the only one who hasn't moved on. I'm still in touch with some of my closest friends from the time but, once again, something is different and I don't know what it is. I remember the times where I would eagerly look forward to reading chat logs. I would cheat though and scroll to see what my closest friends were saying. There were memes and jokes and personal stories or advice. What broke my heart though is how those messages changed over time. It wasn't in an instant, it was a long, slow ordeal. I saw the community that brought me so much happiness gradually fall apart. I don't really know why I'm writing other than the fact that this is what I used to do back then when I had something to say. I just needed to think some thoughts I guess. To anyone out there in a similar situation, please reach out. I really want to recreate whatever made those days so special. It's ok if no one reads this, there's no hope if you're not trying though. <3
  4. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.

    - J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

    1. Cutieshy


      J.K. came up with some great lines in her books. 

  5. Procrastination. How many times can I denounce it and promise myself that I have overcome it yet still fall back into its clutches? My difficulty with procrastination will be the theme for my first entry. I intend to explore procrastination, my failed attempts to allude it, my other attempts to justify it, and my continuing pursuit to fight it. The way I see it, procrastination is the single greatest threat I face to progressing further in my lifetime goals. The trouble with procrastination is that it can happen at virtually any moment. The perceived comfort that procrastination provides is like an ever-nagging addiction that refuses not to be relevant. However, this perceived comfort is a farce. While procrastinating can take the mind off of any activity or fact which causes stress, it’s always a losing deal. What good might come from another 30 minutes on Reddit, or social media, or the completion of less urgent matters? The answer to this question is simple: effectively none. The only thing that procrastination does is take away vital time that could otherwise be used for getting closer to any given dream you might hold. Procrastination is an evil and the only benefits it proposes are fleeting and will always end with you being worse off. I am no expert in these matters. In fact, I still haven’t worked everything out. I have a few strong ideas, but the purpose of the journal is not to provide a strict and complete outline for how to avoid the pressures of procrastination. The purpose of this journal is to document my steps as I work tirelessly to rid myself of this awful behaviour. My hope for writing this is twofold. Firstly, I hope to keep myself accountable. Secondly, I hope to inspire others to outgrow this alongside me. My concern with procrastination is a fundamental issue to me, and any tips, advice, comments, or otherwise will always be appreciated. So far, my single most prevalent belief at evading procrastination has been the pursuit of motivation. Until recently, I believed that it was a strong motivation to see myself in a better place which would inevitably push me out of this phase. There is a great problem with this belief, and I’m sure that many of you have already noticed it. Where does motivation come from and what happens when you don’t have any? Therein lies the problem with motivation. If one waits until one is feeling up to the task, one will be exponentially less likely to attempt said task with each passing day (as a result of an increase in justification for procrastination and a decrease in actual action). A helpful opinion piece I once read on the topic stated that the common perception of motivation is the result of a misattribution between the feeling one feels after a positive and challenging task has been completed and the feeling one expects to feel before this task is even started. Motivation is the reward for hard work, not the cause of it. This is important. If one is constantly motivated, what use do they have for completing challenging tasks? They already feel great, why take on the trouble of a challenge? This is the trouble with motivation in a nutshell. Before I move onto my new belief about overcoming procrastination, I’m going to focus on why I believe that I have allowed this behaviour to persist. My experience is one I have seen frequently in academic settings and I’m sure that it is not an uncommon one. My past belief was that I work well under pressure and, therefore, I can procrastinate until I am pressured to work by a deadline. What better motivator than the possibility of failure? This is a foolish idea that has no basis outside of self-deception and laziness. The ability to work has always been there, one does not need stress to awaken whatever ‘hidden brain’ they seek to access. The only thing that changes when one is suddenly under an external pressure is that they suddenly have a reason to be afraid. One might call themselves motivated in such a case but I would disagree with this. I find that procrastination is easily overridden by fear, thus creating a desire not to procrastinate. In the mind of a person who believes that it is motivation which will break them away from procrastination, they see the effect that fear has on them, notice that it matches up with their false perception of what motivation is, and therefore, falsely label this fear as motivation. Now that the true source of this ‘sudden urge to work’ has been called out by name, its faults should begin to present themselves. To name the greatest potential fault, one will inevitably become increasingly desensitized to the effects of fear until said effect does little, if anything, at all. This ultimately leaves the individual with an ever-approaching deadline and a missing urge to complete the assigned task. The pattern is obvious once it is understood. No great system is based upon the reliance of fear. Even if fear were to work, it is a fallacy of the mind to believe that the same ‘motivator’ will have a constant effect. In fact, it is very likely that an individual using this method will procrastinate more and more over time as they slowly build up a tolerance to this approach. I was lucky enough to catch myself in this pattern early. It can be a real self-destructive tragedy if one is not attentive to such behaviours. So then, what is my magical solution? Well, I bet you’ve spotted it in the title of my blog (in much the same way that one might find an episode of a show spoiled by its title). The method I am now proposing for the relinquishing of my most dangerous of habits is discipline. Before I continue, I will define what I mean by discipline. Discipline is the strength of mind which enables a person to do what they set out to do regardless of how they might feel at any given moment. To me at least, that’s a powerful thought. We all know the majority of what we must do to bring ourselves closer to the ideal reality we hold dearly. How wonderful would it be actually to act on this knowledge? Personally, I couldn’t imagine any greater power. This is what I am setting out to achieve, and I urge anyone who is reading this to do the same. In conclusion, procrastination provides a false sense of pleasure. In reality, the only thing that procrastination achieves is the worsening of one’s current situation in the future and a temporary ignorance of this worsening in the present. There are many justifications that one might have for procrastination, these mental gymnastics often rely on a misattribution of fear for motivation. There is no good which will result from delaying a necessary action. One must develop the strength of mind to act when action is needed; this is the essence of discipline as I see it. I’m going to leave things here for now. I believe I have provided a good introduction to the problem of procrastination, my experiences with procrastination, and a glimpse of what I believe to be the solution to procrastination. I will elaborate on my methods for developing discipline in an upcoming entry. Until then, thanks for reading. Entry Bonus: Femininity Isochronic Tone File What is this? Well, as a show of my appreciation for reading as well as an avenue to keep my skills sharp, I will be including little bonus files with each of my entries. To begin, I will be sharing my new Femininity file. Some of you might already have this file, for this, you can thank a good friend of mine. In fact, it was originally made solely for this good friend. However, she loved the file so much that she took it into her own hands (hooves?) to share it to anypony who would take it. Count this as an easy first bonus as well as an official release. The intent of the file is not to have the body suddenly begin producing estrogen, this is not very possible (to my knowledge, at least). Rather, this file works by creating an association in the mind between one’s own body and the frequencies associated with those of a female’s. After this association is created, a frequency related to the experience of euphoria is delivered which is intended to cement this association as a positive and beneficial one. I will always be open to further elaboration or question if required. I hope you all enjoy it and please feel more than free to share it with anyone who is willing to take it. This file is not exclusive at all to pony hypnosis and can be used by anyone looking for an increase in feelings of femininity. However, fun fact, if you’ve listened to the new Bat Pony Mare file that I edited, you have experienced some of the frequencies present in this file! Femininity File Final Until next time, Twilight

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