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Personal Writing's thread

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shiron222    15

Figured it would be a good idea to add a "Post Your Writing" thread to mirror the "Post Your Art" thread that Bright Star created. I guess I'll start with with a poem I wrote:


Abstract War


The hollow sound of wood on wood


clack click


An abstract war in eight by eight




The generals, two gods opposed


clack click


The endless iterations of one world


clack click


Over and over; Back and forth


clack click


Turn by turn, the tide shifts


clack click


Time counts down and pressure mounts


clack click


Forces thin; minds tire


clack click


In the end only one side wins; The king cornered


clack click


Only for time to turn back and the generals begin again.





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Posted (edited)

This is something I might actually be able to contribute to. Here's a Haiku that I wrote.



Illuminati confirmed


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Kazilii    7

I'll just link one of my writings instead of posting it directly.

The Girl With No Name: *link*

I'm a fan of stories that create a perfect loop, where the ending is just the beginning again. It helps my absolute hatred of endings.

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I generated some random prompts a while ago and wrote some stuff about them, so I might as well put some of the stuff I wrote here.


 If my life were a cartoon, it would probably only get a few episodes, because it would be so long and boring that it would be unfunded very quickly. It would likely gather a small following by various people claiming that it was a profound message about the problems of the modern world, a deeply philosophical experience. Most other people would wonder why anyone would make a cartoon involving 7 straight hours of someone sleeping, with a special episode about the writing of this response, criticizing the very cartoon that they’re watching right now, causing them to question what they’re doing with their life, think about the world, and join the cult following that believes that it’s a profound philosophical message. Appreciate the lack of my life being a cartoon, because it would be one of the most boring cartoons ever created, with some of the weirdest fans. Honestly, they would probably find some way to sue the network when they stopped airing episodes of the show, or at least stand outside of it for a few days holding up signs and shouting obscenities in protest. The world could easily do without that show, and it would be best if it never came into existence.


If I couldn’t wish for more wishes, or wish for something that would let me have more wishes, I’d wish that the no-extra-wishes restriction no longer applied, and then I’d wish for more wishes. I’d have infinite wishes. I win. If that didn’t work, I’d wish that I started at wish 4, thereby passing the wish buffer, allowing me to then have more wishes than the original three that I would otherwise have. I would then wish for more wishes. I win. If that didn’t work, I’d wish that my wishes didn’t apply to my 3-wish counter, thereby allowing me to have infinite wishes. I win. If that didn’t work, I’d probably just look up ways to get around a 3-wish limit on Google or something, and try those until something worked. If I get 3 wishes, I get 3000000, and you won’t be stopping me. :ComeAtUs:


There isn’t really any particular moment that I’d like to freeze and preserve that I have experienced so far in my life. I see little reason to freeze a moment of my life, as it would probably have severe effects on the future, possibly positive, possibly negative. It is entirely possible that I would be missing some limbs, as they were amputated to prevent damage caused by severe cold. If the memory of the moment were to freeze, it would probably be very dangerous, as the temperature of my brain would decrease fairly significantly around that area, and it could effect other memories, as well as other functions of my brain, such as my ability to type this. If I were to preserve a moment of my life, as in causing it to last longer than it actually did, I imagine very little would be effected. If the moment were to last longer, time would temporarily slow throughout the universe, with everything slowing at the same relative rate. Perception of time would slow as well, so the slowing of time would not actually be noticeable by anyone, as the changing of things in the universe would slow relative to the ability to perceive that change. Either way, freezing and preserving a moment of my life would probably be very impractical and somewhat pointless.


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