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Having trouble with the hypnosis files; what should I be feeling?


First of all, let me say I'm very new to this whole hypnosis thing, and while I'm really curious about it and really willing to try it out, I haven't had many results so far.

So far, I've listened to a few induction files, as well as the twilight sparkle one, and I'm really mostly confused about what I am supposed to be feeling. I am trying my best to do as the narrator says, I'm trying my best to relax as deeply as I can, but I never feel any "different", I guess. I've heard before that while under hypnosis you are still aware of everything, but if that's the case, how will I know if I'm hypnotised or not?

Another thing I don't get is what I am supposed to be feeling when the narrator suggests my hands to be merging into hooves, for example; should I really, physically, be feeling my hands merge, or is it just a visualization thing? If so, what about those of us who don't have very good visualization skills, could we train them somehow?

I'm sorry if these are dumb questions, but I feel really lost, and I'm also starting to feel I just can't get anything out of this. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Generally it's easier to feel things than it is to see them, so you'll probably feel them first. Seeing changes usually comes later. Since you're new to hypnosis, and you haven't had much practice, you might not be able to get into a trance very easily. I'd suggest trying with a simple, short file, such as the pony ears file. You should be able to start feeling effects fairly easily, it'll work with anypony you try to be (assuming you're becoming a pony), and it's not a very long file, so you'll be able to practice getting into trance. If you keep trying but you can't get it to work, try a different induction. Get a version of the file for looping if one is available, and add an inducer before the file and a deducer after the file (although the deducer is not strictly required, it can help you to feel more relaxed after the trance and more smoothly take you out of it). If a loop of the file isn't available and there's only one with an induction, just use a sound editing program like Audacity to remove the induction part and replace it with whichever one you choose to use instead.

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Star Shard    15

I think you are on the right track. Trances can indeed be pretty hard to tell sometimes. 

What you are supposed to feel highly depends on what you expect to feel. Most ponies here just feel their hooves. Or atleast how they expect it would feel like to have hooves. 



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It's at least nice to know I'm not alone in my troubles, especially the telling if I'm in trance part.

Thanks for the help, and I guess I'll just keep trying.

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RDashie    7

Questions are never dumb my friend ;)

I can recognize the problems you got, because I had/have the same problems.

Hypnosis takes time, and results often take more then one hypnosis session to be noticeable.

I had been using an inducer over and over, but it just wouldn't work for me. But then I tried a different one, and it worked right away! It might take some time to find the inducer that works best for you. 

A trance isn't always very noticeable, and you might not even know that you are in a trance even though you are. 

I wish you the best of luck with your hypnosis, and you can always send me a message if you got a question or problem :)


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