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Equestrian Souls Staff Applications! July 26th - August 9th 2017!

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Glide    23

Greetings~! Due to recent events, we'll be running an extra round of staff applications this year! Just as last time, take the form below and e-mail it to the following e-mail: equestriansoulsstaff@gmail.com

Below is the form you'll need to fill out and submit to the e-mail above:


What timezone do you live in?:
Tell us a bit about yourself:
Why should we pick you to be on the staff?:
Any past moderation experience?:
Any users who could vouch for you?:
What do you think you can bring to the staff?:
Would you avoid making a decision to prevent being disliked by a member of the community?:
Do you feel like your biases would interfere with your ability to help manage the Discord Server?:
Do you have anything limiting your availability?:
Is there anything else you wish to add that may help your application, or harm it if discovered later?:

Since it hasn't been very long since the last round, feel free to re-use your old application. It may be best to update and/or add to it. We'll be looking for roughly three people to add to the staff this time around. If you weren't picked last time, it may have been because we only needed two people, so don't feel you weren't pick based on your last application. Please note that if we get more than one from you, we'll only be reviewing your most recent one.

The deadline will be August 9th at 11:59PM PST. Any application submitted afterwords will not be considered. So please be sure to have everything submitted before then!

Good luck to all that apply!

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