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Have you ever eaten at a restaurant so often they recognize you?

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Has anypony went to restaurant (or fast food place) so often that they remember who you are? (or even remembered your order?)


the subway near my place always remembers me, they know the sub I order and know I love how to have lots of mayo on my veggie subs. :cute3:

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Ezcoe    1

I went to a take away in a small town a little while ago and the guy there recognised me 6 months later even though that was only the second time I'd ever walked in there. 

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Cutieshy    8

I used to go to the same Subway with my roommate every Wednesday in the town I used to live in. Eventually, they knew our orders by heart. 

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Lucario2012    1

When I started my first year in college, I couldn't cook well enough to feed myself consistently. As a result, the guys in the local pizza place eventually started to remember my order and appearance. I recently went back, not having been in over a year, and the guy behind the counter recognised me and asked if I still wanted my usual order.

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Bright Star    81

Taco Bell across the street where I work. They give everyone that works nearby a small discount. 

Also one I came home and stopped by the McDonalds I used to work at. I was saying the whole time that no one would recognize me after not being there for years, but as I was saying that someone figured me out :V

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