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Hello, everypony..

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Hello, it's nice to meet you all; and I hope you all are doing well so far. 

I am a tulpamancer who has a high interest in psychology, pagan/wicca, as well as betterment of the self. I am an artist and crafter, and a beginner animator. As for what to call me, I do not have a name that fits me per say; but I respond to Mecha or mom rather easily.

I'll post a few doodles of what I've seen in a moment, and I hope to get to know you all rather well. My 'sona (or what I experienced with my first hypnosis) is a unicorn mare.. no name yet, but patience is key.

(Not sure how to post images on here, so I will post a few doodles later; I am on my phone at the moment... ^^;)

Remember to take care of yourselves! Stay hydrated, well fed, safe, take your medication if you have any and remember this - you are loved and I am proud of you.

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