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Tulpa Guided Meditations

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Jade    7

Hello everyone! For the past few months, one of my projects has been creating guided meditations to help with tulpamancy. I wanted to share the files I've made, plus some ideas for the future. This isn't official ES content, but because they were actualized with the help of Celestia and Silvermoon (thank you two so much <3), because they're quite different from the ES content, and because we think it'll be beneficial to some in the community I've been given permission to share them :3

Finished Files

The files below are based on symbolic exercises that I've found very effective for myself. They're not for everyone, especially if you have problems with sleep paralysis or lack separation between the tulpa and host. However, if you are stable, and you respond well to symbolism, these guided meditations will probably help :)


This file will help your tulpa gain control of the body. You'll still be conscious and aware of your body as tulpa moves the body. If you've been struggling to achieve possession on your own, this file will both help you have an effective experience and teach you a technique you can use on your own whenever you want :3

v1.1 by Belle

Wonderland Immersion

This file will help you dissociate from your bodily senses and immerse yourself in your mindscape. If you want to experience your systemmates as realistically as a lucid dream, this file will help you get there. Best gosh darn wonderland snugs I've ever had >~<

v1.0 by Belle


This last file was one of my most requested, as the tulpa community lacks effective switching guides that go beyond "just do it." The file is basically a combination of the other two. The effect is the listener temporarily swapping places with their tulpa, dissociating in the wonderland while their tulpa controls the body. And to put the cherry on top, Silvermoon provided their DIVINE voice for the file ^~^

v1.0 by Silvermoon

v1.1 by Belle

Future File Concepts / Ideas

Just some vague stream of thought notes~

Mindscape Creation
- Guided meditation focused on building a place that soothes you and allows you to focus. Sights, smells, sounds, lighting...
- Creativity and relaxation boosting binaurals / subliminal

Mindscape Immersion v2.0
- Guided meditation that errs on the side of full hypnosis focusing on making the wonderland more vivid, focusing on the senses rather than the symbolism in v2.0. 
- Out of body experience / astral projection-inducing binaurals, isos, and trance-inducing, but benign, subliminals

Enhanced focus for forcing
- Basically an induction, but for focus and clear mind instead of a trance. Become aware and in control of one’s self, cognition, and identity
- Binaurals and subliminals for calm energy and focus

Personality forcing
- Guided meditation of my personality development technique, "future self synchronization", in which the personality of you and your ideal future self become one and the same. 

- Have Aury (who is very passionate about crushing host doubts of sentence) write and perform a sort of tulpa empowerment guided meditation message to help the growing tulpa and the host have faith in their existence and to speed up development. 
- Subliminal messages directed at the tulpa to grow stronger and more self-aware 

Vocalization / Mind Voice 
- Guided meditation to help host and tulpa form an idea of what tulpa sounds like. Walk through descriptors.

Parallel processing
- Guided meditation with cognition separation symbolism. This will cut sensory and emotional bleedover and enhance the tulpa's ability to think and process information independent of the host. 

If any content creators here are inspired by one of these, feel free to run with it! No need to contact us for permission. Or if anyone wants to help us script or produce these, don't hesitate to reach out ^^

Hope these can help some of y'all. Let me know which of those concepts you'd like to see actualized :3

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Abvieon    1

All of the future file concepts sound very useful. Personally I'd like the sentience and vocalization ones the most. 

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Jade    7

Everything Aury pours her heart into comes out beautiful. I'm most excited for the sentience one to, despite not even having a personal use for it...

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Jade    7
On 10/13/2017 at 2:45 PM, Blackjack (aka Littleheck) said:

Would love to help with these, but they're all really far outside of my area of expertise

Focus on kicking flank in PH and getting its content creation back off the ground <3

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