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Starlight Glimmer

count before a mod posts

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since the other counting post died, I guess il try to revive it? :Derp: well, for those who don't know, the rules are simple, users count and mods post to reset the counter to zero,



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Bright Star    90



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Tavia Melody    70





♪ Eight.






...huh. Surprised I got all of them to contribute. But it doesn't matter because I waited too long, so...



Edited by Starlight Glimmer [Azyra]

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3 minutes ago, Bright Star said:



well that was quick :Derp:

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Tavia Melody    70

[Mhmm. I'd help, but Star already used her chance with me, not counting again. This game is pointless anyway.]

...fair enough.


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