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Share your desktop!

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just as the title says :Tongue: post your desktop!



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NovemberMyst    12
1 hour ago, Moonlight Symphony said:

Here is my current Desktop


Duuuuude please tell me you have a link to that background! That is like the most glorious thing I have ever seen!

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NovemberMyst    12

I've actually have two screens with different background but I like this one better. Also my background change every 30 minutes so it's always different! ^-^


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Twizilii    24


Used to have a nice rainmeter setup, I should probably work on that again and then post an update.

also yes there's alot of stuff on my desktop, and yes it's organized in my own special way, and I didn't show my other two monitors because they have nothing on them except the same wallpaper here.

Since it's slightly on topic, here's the rainmeter setup I made a while back


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Sez    1


As boring as it gets. ^^
Well, could get more grey, but I don't have the time to do custom icons right now.

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