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Hello... again

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Col.Dew    9

Well im not new but i've been here again off again and on hiatus for a while i may as well reintroduce myself.

Hi my name is, Dew. For the older people may (somehow) remember me as Rayquaza or ray along time ago. I became a brony around the season 2/3 hiatus and eventually turned two of my friends into bronies as well after a long and odd bit of subterfuge (pm me or look at an old journal if ya wanna find out, if that old journal exists.).

(Long backstory/history as i remember it, skip to the end if ya don't wanna read an essay. P.S. i left out a buncha community stuff/interaction not gonna add it in.)

I joined the then hypnoponies now equestrian souls i think in the S4/5 hiatus or middle of S3. Found hypnosis files while searching for changling fanfics got curious. I then tried the Rainbow Dash, Twilight, and Pinkie files on the legacy site (pre-hypnoponies, now deleted i think.).


After about 12 days i found hypnoponies and found out multiple characters probably wasn't a good thing and hit the reset file twice and decided on RD files, it worked out for me but i was missing something and wanted to find my true self, however back then we didn't have generic pegasus files on the main site and thus went searching the old site and after searching found the original V2 Generic pegasus that had no bgm spent a lot of days from then concentrating and meditating on who i was and what my goals were.


I eventually became Dew, a pegasus with a nack for weather. (that green coated pegasus profile picture) I had asked around the forums wondering if there were bgms of the file i used. As it turned out no there wasn't however there was a nice Zecora (the name eludes me) who was kind enough to layer some bgm into the audio. Along the way i think my asking around and informing others that wanted a generic pegasus file for their own use ended in the old site finally being deleted thus the old files were lost for a time. By then the hypnosis sessions were becoming increasingly stronger and were listened to every other day sometimes twice a day.


Somewhere along the way a second generic file (V4) popped up for pegasi yet it lacked something for me maybe it was the abrupt voice change of the speaker or i was so accustomed to that old file. Time passed and the V2 file was reintroduced and the pegasus groups had one of the first if not the first experiance file made availble to them and subsequently the spa file made it's way in shaking up both imposition and the community. As these exciting events were taking place i had begun impositioning wings, hooves, and other various body parts outside of sessions things seemed to be at their pinacle.


Alas good things did not last as time wore on i grew unable to focus during sessions though my imposition remained solid. Life began to become rough as it does ocasionally. I was fruatrated both at the situation with events and sesssions and i believe i became a bit unstable even mildly insane. Change had to come.


I quit listening to the files and eventually stopped coming to the forums. (though still popping in every once in a while). The files effects slowly faded and while sad at the time was a nessesary thing, first the imposition left then the other misc mental effects and I was left with only memories. 


I got into a beter situation and things turned good again after working through the problems I had. I let the site slip my mind and never came back, till now.


Gee i didn't really think i'd sit down and write all that much, not sure if I'll edit it down in the future or not but hiya guys im back.


TLDR: Hi I'm back, blah history blah im back, hi blah.

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hey! I remember you! welcome back!

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Tavia Melody    70

Unfortunately, your old journal probably doesn't exist, if it was made before the shift from Hypnoponies to Equestrian Souls.

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