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I'm Baaaaack! Hiya again hypn... erm E. Souls!

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Hay there, been a few years but recently heard the name changed so decided to pop back in and see what was going on. I used to go by the name "GreatAndPowerfulKatie", but since the account name I am using now is my 'real' name, I figured I would use that instead. I know, using your real name on the internet is dangerous...

Also, what happened to all of the old journals? Are they cached anywhere?

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Col.Dew    9

Hi ya Sapphire and welcome back. The journals might still be on the old site depending on what journal you're looking for. Unfortunately it may have been deleted. Or failing that maybe hidden somewhere in the depths, least that's what im holding out for mine.


P.S. I'm not sure if i remember talking to you but i think i saw your name on a few occasions.

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sillynonny    8

Unfortunately the old site was nuked. So unless members managed to restore their journals, you're out of luck I think.

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hey there! welcome back!


journals from hypnoponies.net has been deleted when the forum was, unless somepony had a backup of their own. however, the old site the niceboard forum is still up and you can find old journals there from that time

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Luna    44

Welcome back, I've not seen you in many years! Hope you've finally upgraded your PC :P

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