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Eric    0

I normally don't socialize with people I am just saying hi.

Reason I came here: I just wanna go to some far distant place, whether in mind or physically, and be alone. So I wanted to read some tips and learn but since I usually fail at everything but one thing; and that being losing dear and close friends, yeah... But I'll give it a try.


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Posted (edited)

well... welcome anyways

just keep in mind that if you are looking for a place to escape reality permanently... this is not really the place for that... we have some experience files that maybe help with going to a "distant place" only for a short time however...

 but.. feel free to join the discord server, if you haven't yet, since the discord server is more active than the forums, and ponies can answer any questions you have quicker than asking them here

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Col.Dew    9

Well hello there and welcome to the site, we might have stuff to take you away from reality, but as SG said it's usually only an hour or so.

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