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I was going to lurk & read before posting but...

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So, I was going to lurk and read the guides before posting anywhere (It's what I normally do), but while creating my account I was told by the re-captcha to tell the site admins to upgrade it.

One question I do have that is grey in the guidelines is if stuff like "what the hay" or "bucking tatarus" count as profanity? And if it does not, is there a file for only swearing like that? (I only joined a few minutes ago so I have yet to check.)

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Col.Dew    9

Hello and welcome to the site, as for swearing i do not believe that counts and as of now i do not think there is one specifically for that, maybe if you incorporate that into your sessions as a side project it could work. If you have any other questions feel free to ask around either the main site or the discord.

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