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hows it going new here :D

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Switchgears    1

new here in this site was wondering what its about got some of the hypnosis files not sure if they well work on me but i will give them a try :) 

this seems neat very well done and im happy to be here :D  i really hope these files work on me no idea if they well or not tho x.x

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Sable    41

Hello Switchgears welcome ^_^

They do work and I believe that anyone can do it, some get it faster then others.

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hey there! welcome to the forums! if you have any questions feel free to ask anypony.. also if you arent on the discord yet, feel free to join it since its much more active than over here, you need to post your forum profile link in the lobby channel to get access to the server.


if it doesnt work for you after the first couple of sessions, dont give up, keep listening to them because it can sometimes take time ^^ 

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AstralAmity    5

Hi, and welcome!

Like what everyone here is saying, just keep trying! The brain is a mechanism built to be flexible and powerful. It's all about the way you make new connections, and the beautiful thing is that everyone has access to it! Anywho, I hope you enjoy your time here with this community. :Squee: 

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