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Name and Race  

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  1. 1. Who are you?

    • Luminesce: The Silver Sentinel
    • Canopy: The Summer Winds
    • Spark Bright: The Unseen Flame
    • Merry Gold: The Castled Flower

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Hello and welcome to the experiment that I promised. Welcome to Moth Quest, a little interactive CYOA, I the writer "Hello" will spin a yarn and you the readers will dictate the actions of the main character.





The Everfree, a place fraught with danger and mystery. Bearing depths untouched by pony hooves since the first age when the dragons were masters of the world and ponies were yet new. nestled between between boughs of the great woods sits a town unlike anyother called Equus Lepidoptera by a scholar that probably did not survive the trip out of the ever free the residents of this peculiar town have no formal structure of government nor do they seem to want one as members do as they please the only rules that seem to exist is a ban on fire and intense punishment on the harming of the worm like children.

You are a resident of this town, you are a member of the species Equus Lepidoptera, You are a Moth Pony, and your name is...

choose a name

Luminesce: The Silver Sentinel (Luna Moth)

Canopy: The Summer Wind. (HummingBird Hawk Moth)

Spark Bright: The Unseen Flame. (Deaths Head Moth)

Merry Gold: The Castled Flower. (Certain members should remember her)

Write in ( same 2 part name:title structure choose a moth sub species.)

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