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      The files are now available for download again Currently only the mane6 and the reset file are available, though we wil be adding the rest in the short future. You can find them in the tab above. 
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Journal Announcements!

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Star Shard    7

Hello Everypony!


If you created a new Journal. Give a little scout out to it here!

Type a little description to tease what you are planning to write about and promote it to the community to see!


Not only does this announce to the community that your journal exists. But it also allows us to add it to the master list. So make sure to tell us the name of the journal and what kind of journal you are planning to keep. 


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Sable    17
Posted (edited)

Mine is already categorized however I will include it anyway.

My journal is about my progress about becoming a black Pegasus permanently.  Since the old journals are lost, I may have to write about those experiences again in future entries.

It can be found here

Edited by Sable
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The Purple Record

My record of daily events, highlighting important things in my life. I'm trying to keep it up to date if possible, weekly entries expected. It's interesting, and grammatically correct :P

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daniellee44    3

My Hypnotic Journey

A journal that I will attempt to keep up to date with my experience trying to become twilight.

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Bright Star    41

I have two journals set up for myself.

This journal is more or less a continuation/reboot of my previous journal. Here I mainly focus on life musings or vent about stuff here and there. Expect less hypnosis here.

This journal will contain my past entries when I was regularly doing sessions while I give my thoughts on those entries today. I will not re-post every entry, but I'll try to cover the significant ones.


Now can someone from the staff please add my journal to the list k thx

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