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Weird But Awesome Fic

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shiron222    106

...Any of you read a story called "Your Human and You"? It's a weird fracking story about a world where humans are kept as pets by humans...it's pretty touching actually. Especially when the human protagonist proves his sentience and sapience and starts to get treated as a person...

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71~073~    4

Didn't get to read it yet however it does rest on my "to read" list

Sounds pretty swell as well

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Kazilii    24

I began reading that a while back, stopped about halfway through (mostly because distractions), I did really enjoy the sense of humor, and it's ability to hold a theme. It never failed to have funny bits meld seamlessly into serious time. Though it can be a bit gruesome for my tastes at times.

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shiron222    106

Yeah...it does end up dragging on...it's really hard to mix Slice of Life with Adventure/Intrigue in this format...as for the blood? Yeeeeah...I was put off at first...but the idea was far too fascinating to give up on...and for once a potentially self insert character didn't feel like a cringy Gary Stu *cough Diaries of a Madman Cough cough*

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